Technology Trouble

I’m just going to recount this sad tale of woe, to get it off my chest. Sorry folks, but it’s good therapy 😉

  • My ipod charger doesn’t want to work in America. That’s odd, because it worked fine in Japan.
  • But that’s okay, because my little laptop works fine when plugged into the wall. So I can charge my ipod from the laptop. Crude, but workable.
  • When I plug the ipod into the laptop, Amarok comes up. It can see all the music on my ipod. It can also access it to play it. Clever.
  • But when I go out for breakfast this morning, my ipod says that it has no music on it. NO MUSIC!! It actually still has all the music, but can no longer play it.
  • A bit of googling discovers that Amarok does this to ipods. How clever of it.
  • So I need to upgrade Amarok on my laptop.
  • But on upgrading, I run out of file space (it’s a very small laptop).
  • Fixing the upgrade just doesn’t work – it’s gone too badly wrong.
  • So I had to restore my laptop from a backup on a memory stick, that I always carry with the laptop.
  • And then upgraded Amarok.
  • Twice, since the upgrade failed the first time due to network issues.
  • And I’ve set the appropriate id in the Amarok config.
  • And now I’ve got all my music back.
  • Though I seem to have spent quite a lot of time in my hotel room.

Sorry to share with you, but it is enormously frustrating.

BUT at least there’s a happy ending!


3 Responses to “Technology Trouble”

  1. Geoff! Says:

    You need a Mac, mate! 😉

  2. Alan in Belfast Says:

    Amorak … not so clever … like the spell-checker that wants to change it to Anorak!

  3. Alan in Belfast Says:

    PS: Now know at least four people from NI in Las Vegas at the moment – watch out for the accents!

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