On the buses

My doctor told me that I had to rest my sore leg as much as possible, which means not walking to work for a week or two.

So this morning I tried out the bus. I took the number 5a from the end of my street, which arrived at the bus stop pretty much the same time that I did, so I had no waiting about. Even better, I was able to sit on the front seat of the top deck of the bus, which is one of the coolest ways on earth to travel, so I was all pleased. I was also quite entertained by the amazing underwater effect that the vibration of the bus gave the music on my radio. But it wasn’t a particularly fast way to travel – I reckon it took not far off half an hour door to door, which is pretty much how long it takes me to walk to work.

To get home again I had to take a different route (number 6), since it works out better due to the nature of one-way systems. I guess it also adds variety, which is no bad thing. I met a friend on the top deck, and once some quite entertaining children got off we were able to sit in the front seats again.

So my initial experiences with the bus have been pretty good. Let’s hope it lasts.


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