Mass Hallucination

The other day, a colleague walked round to my desk, and as he was looking over my shoulder at my screen said “There’s a bus in the river”. And so there was! A big yellow one.

By the time I had fiddled with my phone to take a picture, it had already disappeared behind the building across the road. So we couldn’t prove that it had been there, and no-one believed us.

Then yesterday, I googled up river Lagan and bus (or something like that), and found this article. Just as I was pointing out to everyone in the office that we hadn’t imagined it, and that we weren’t mad, someone said “There it is again!”. So we rushed to the window with our phones, and I did manage to get a picture this time.

I am fully aware that the picture is of miserable quality, but it was taken from a phone, in a hurry, through dirty windows, in the rain. But it does show how bizarre is looks to see a big yellow bus travelling along the river Lagan.

And I’m not mad!


5 Responses to “Mass Hallucination”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I think I heard something about a new fleet of amphibious buses.. and I thought it was a joke… IS it a joke? Tell me you didn’t spend time faking this photo…

    Will work notice the drop in output, as you guys all watch out the window for the next one?
    Isn’t it odd that there’s no logo, so no obvious way to google it?

  2. Phil Says:

    Just because you have photographic “proof” that you saw a bus in the river does not mean you’re not mad.

  3. Niall Says:

    I’m looking forward to a swim in the Lagan more than I’ve ever been! I wonder will there be a full safety drill before launch (I guess there’d have to be)?

    In terms of distraction & lost productivity, it’ll take some going to beat the parking shenanigans in the waste ground that is now the PricewaterhouseCoopers building!

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  5. Dawn Baird Says:

    I’m afraid it’s just this!

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