Home thoughts from abroad

These are a few of the things that I might have blogged about while I was on holiday, except that I wasn’t on the internet for a week:

  • The church was very friendly. Like many holiday destinations, there was a little English-speaking congregation, and they were very nice. They’re also planning to plant a new congregation up the coast a bit, in partnership with the Scandinavian church, which is cool in lots of ways.
  • I read “Live and Let Die”. Although this was the eighth James Bond movie, it was actually the second one that Ian Fleming wrote, and therefore is actually the sequel to Casino Royale. And it’s not bad.
  • Poor Yeremi Vargas is still missing. Last year, I saw his smiling face all round Lanzarote on posters. And this year I saw even more of them. That’s pretty sad.
  • I saw one of those orange Ford Focus ST in the street. I know they’re a bit loud, but they are quite lovable. The alloys are particularly nice.
  • Someone ripped 2 pages out of one of my other books. I got as far as page 33, just getting into it nicely, when it suddenly jumped to page 37. What kind of person does a thing like that?? Swine…


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