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I’m catching up on all the stuff I’ve been recording over the past few months. In the past week I’ve seen the series finishers for Lost, Fringe, and Heroes.

All of them were pretty good, with a nice build up that explained a few new things, wrapped up a few loose ends, but then left me wanting more. Which I suppose is exactly what they’re meant to do. The other good news is that because I got so far behind, the long summer of having nother on tv is nearly over, and I haven’t suffered too badly.

I’ve also been enjoying Season 1 and now Season 2 of Smallville on DVD. It’s fairly lightweight, but it is fun.


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  1. Andrew Gallagher Says:

    Lost: excellent. Fringe: it’s on my list. Heroes: ok, but getting tired. Smallville: don’t worry, you have seven more seasons of that to get through. You’ll probably get sick of it before the end though… 😉

    Hot tip: True Blood. Very addictive.

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