India Days 1 and 2 – the forgotten bits

I should have mentioned that the weather is hot, but not unbearably so – around 25 degrees (C). But completely unexpectedly it rained last night, for quite a while, despite reassurances from colleagues in Belfast that this wouldn’t happen. And me without a coat! Fortunately, I do have my trusty travelling hat, in case I get caught out.

I also forgot to mention the excellent desert made out of carrot cooked in sweetened milk, which was superb with the hotel’s home-made ice cream. That was the food highlight of day one.

And I haven’t yet mentioned the ongoing mystery of our taxi driver, who keeps bringing us to and from the office. My colleague thought I had arranged it, and I thought he had arranged it. This only came to light when I asked how much he had paid him, and we discovered he hadn’t asked for money.
So someone out there has organised it for us, but we have no idea who to thank.
Or maybe he just enjoys our company. Who knows…


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