India Day 3

A slightly shorter day, as we went into the office later, and left earlier. But still didn’t get back to the hotel until about 9:00.

Another bright and sunny day, but not unbearably so – about 25 degrees. We went up to the canteen, which opens out onto the roof, and I was able to look around at the view for a while without melting into a puddle, even wearing my jacket (because I had all my stuff in the pockets).

The food highlight of the day was the fact that the nice people at Tech Mahindra arranged lunch for us in the office. But tea, once again in the hotel, was very nice.

The quote of the day was “Belfast taxi drivers are very adventurous”. Under normal circumstances, that’s not an unreasonable statement. However, it was said in the back of a jeep driving through Bangalore! Driving in India is less “getting from A to B”, and more “a crazy, adventure filled, white knuckle ride filled with thrills, spills and zany antics”, so for Manu to say this about Belfast taxi drivers while our driver sped between the hordes of motorbikes, three-wheelers and pedestrians tooting his horn all the way, was just amazing. But he was only serious.

The other notes for the day are:

  • that DEET, the mosquito repellant, really irritates my nose.
  • that I can get Moutain Dew in the office, which I got a real taste for in Dallas last year (though I am of course still drinking water too).
  • that my laptop power supply isn’t fried (I had some difficulty with it last night).


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