India Day 4

I noticed a few things today.

  • In the office, the guys have their blood group on their security pass. What made it more interesting was this article on the BBC News web site, implying that it might be for romantic or personnel reasons. But it turns out that it’s just for boring safety purposes.
  • And talking of safety purposes, I also read on the BBC news pages that they are closing the road between the courts in Belfast. This came on the same day that we were prompted to update our emergency contact details in work. Looks like the threat assessment is increasing. Not good. Not that things are any better in India, with securitys issued today by the government warning of potential terrorism in Hyderabad and Kolkatta.
  • But on a brigther note, there is a certain joy to the open plan office. It’s very large, with the desks in banks. Every time I get up to go to the exit, I feel like pac man, going through a maze! Haven’t found any ghosts or power-pills so far though. Except of course for the Mountain Dew, which I guess is as close to a power pill as I need.


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  1. Niall Says:

    I believe the reminder on emergency contact details happened because someone collapsed in the office, but you’re right – there are subtle things all over the place.

    Glad you’re having a good time over yonder!

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