India – Day 5

My last day in the office in Bangalore – tomorrow is the weekend, and a day off. Hooray!

Today we managed to resolve the problem with the design I came out to work on, which gave a satisfying end to the week.

I also went out for tea with my development team. They wouldn’t let me pay, but at least I got a chance to thank them properly, instead of in snatched conversations in the office. We went to the Silver Metro, which wasn’t very far away but it took us a long time to get there as it was absolutely pouring with rain! The puddles were huge, the traffic was terrible, and I felt sorry for the folks struggling home on motorbikes and bikes in it.

We ate in the Silver Metro, a buffet restaurant which was themed on a railway station, with all the staff in dark blue uniforms with caps, and two fake trains on either side of the restaurant. But the food was very good. It had been pointed out to me that maybe the food I had eaten so far was mild because it had been tamed to western tastes in the hotel and the office. But tonight I ate out in a properly Indian place, and I still enojyed the meal. Admittedly I avoided eating anything red, in case it was too spicy, but that’s just typical playing it safe, and the point is I enjoyed the meal and the company.

Now I’ve finished writing my objectives (which I couldn’t do during working hours, as it is a mandatory part of the process that the objectives system must crash on the due that they have to be completed), so I am going to bed.

G’night All.


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