The new iphone

I went to have a play with the new iphone 3G on Friday afternoon. It really is a very impressive piece of kit.

It’s got a big, clear, beautiful screen. It’s got the cutest user interface ever, which makes that screen literally strokable. The zooming is really clever (you just put two fingers on the screen and move them apart, or together, and the application resizes with your fingers). Google maps is impressive on any machine, but on that screen, and with a GPS to tell you where you are, it’s fantastic.

But it’s got one horrible flaw – you won’t write many text messages with it. The keyboard is one application which doesn’t flip round when you turn the phone from portrait to landscape, which means that the keyboard is just too small. If it had real buttons, it would be easy enough to use, but because it has a touch screen, it’s basically unusable, and I typed nothing but jibberish (yeah, I know, no change there).

When you add in the fact that it is a 3G phone from O2, the network which has the worst 3G coverage, it’s got some really big negatives against it.

So I managed to resist buying one, and so saved myself a fortune.


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  1. Norwin Says:

    Okay, I had another play with an iphone today, and that keyboard isn’t nearly as bad on a second go as I thought it was. I got it to work okay.
    This is bad news of course, as it makes it more tempting again.

  2. Geoff! Says:

    Jobs tells me you are going to get one 🙂

  3. Alan in Belfast Says:

    But you hate Apple? I reckon the iPod was the start of a slippery slope. You’ll have a mac laptop within 18 months. You’ll see.

  4. Geoff! Says:

    He has two already! Just ask him…

    I’ll get the onion soup ready for him too 🙂

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