Yet more crazy media stuff

I had assumed that once I got back home from Japan, life would quickly return to normal, and I would no longer be of any interest to the media. But I turned out to be wrong, as Channel 4 were in touch the day I got home, asking me if I would be interested in contributing to their 4Thought series. These are the very short programmes that come on after the news on Channel 4, that cover moral, ethical or spiritual subjects. Starting tomorrow (28th March), they are doing a week of programmes about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

I really wasn’t sure about this, but when their interviewer called me up and talked to me about it, they seemed very keen to have me. It turns out that they wanted to have a spectrum of views, across various religions and backgrounds, and it would seem that I am the representative of Christianity. I’m sure there┬ámust be someone better qualified than me, but I guess I have an interesting story for the tv.

Anyway, off I went to London on Thursday, to record my bit. We talked for something approaching an hour, and the finished programme will be no more than 2 minutes, so there’s a lot of cutting involved! I can’t say I am looking forward to seeing the results – I just hope I didn’t make an eejit of myself, and that I made a reasonable case for my faith. Needless to say, in the face of a tragedy like this, there are no easy answers.

So if you’re interested, do tune in. I don’t know what day I will be on at this stage, but I’m sure they will all be interesting. Well, I’m confident the other four will be interesting anyway! Mine I’m not so sure about…

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