Water, water, everywhere

Earlier today, I watched the street outside my house fill up with water, as it rained all day. Then the rain eased a bit, and the flooding went away, and I went out. That was a bit of a mistake.

Trying to get home tonight was mental. Every road I took ended with roads closed by flooding. I saw houses with water at the front door, I saw a road with a bulge like a volcano because of the pressure of water under it, I saw water running down roads like rivers. In the end, after much driving around, I managed to get to my street, but I couldn’t get down as far as my house. I abandoned the car on a dry footpath a few doors up, and waded home.

I reckon there was over a foot of water on the footpath, so it was even deeper on the road. The jury’s out on whether I’ll be wearing those trainers again. The water flooded my garden, and was well up the drive, but stopped short of my house.

It’s a scary feeling to drive round your own town and see so much chaos. Its even scarier when you realise you might not be able to get home. But I’m very thankful that my home was safe when I got here.


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