In Tenerife

Hello again internet. I’m on holiday again. The last time I was on holiday this blog turned into a kind of weird survival story, but not this time. Well, not so far anyway. Though I did have a bit of a turn in the local church on Sunday when a siren kept going ¬†and I wondered if it might be a tsunami warning. Fortunately it was just a police car, but I am sometimes surprised by unexpected thoughts of natural disasters. Perhaps I shouldn’t be. Perhaps it’s perfectly normal.

Anyway, I’m here in Tenerife on holiday, and all is well. The hotel is clean, comfortable and well-equipped. The food is good, the wi-fi is very slow, but it is there. I’ve used the gym a few times, and it’s been grand.

My kindle has been splendid, and I read my first Agatha Christie book the other day, which was very good. I plan on a PG Wodehouse soon. My iPhone has done the job too, tracking my cycling, and providing music in the bathroom. I found an excellent use for the bidet, which acts as an excellent resonator for listening to Pink Floyd in the shower. And I’ve enjoyed watching ripped DVDs on my android on the balcony. Yes, I have too many toys.

So, one week down, and another week to go. I’m having fun. Hope you’re having fun wherever you are too.


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