Quantum of Solace

I made it to the cinema last night to see the latest James Bond movie. And I thought it was excellent! A spoiler-free review follows.

It very much continues in the darker vein that Casino Royale started, with a brooding and violent Bond. Well, I suppose violence goes with the territory. Maybe pitiless would be a better word. And almost without wit – this is a Bond who has been hurt, and he is taking it out on the world.

The film starts off with a blistering pace, with so everything happening so quickly that it’s a bit of a relief when things settle down a bit. I have to admit that while I liked the movie, I do miss the light and shade of the earlier movies, and I would prefer it to be a little less bleak. And I’d rather that he didn’t wreck his beautiful care just so quickly. But I enjoyed it, am looking forward to where they’re going to go next with the franchise, as they continue to evolve it into a slightly different beast.


2 Responses to “Quantum of Solace”

  1. Alan in Belfast Says:

    No gadgets, no pain, and an ending that wasn’t well signposted. And it still gets an excellent?

  2. Norwin Says:

    Just at the minute, they’re going for a more gadget-free, grittier film. I can live with that. As for pain, why do you find that necessary?
    I didn’t find the ending disagreeable. Perhaps we should discuss over lunch 🙂

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