The things you see

I was out on my bike today, and on the way home, at the end of my own little street, I saw an impressive piece of motoring history.

Allegro Vanden Plas

Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet, may I proudly present the Allegro Vanden Plas! As far as I can recall, one of the car magazines once named it the worst car of all time. You can see how they unexpectedly managed to transplant half the noble nose of a Jaguar onto the less than noble body of an Austin Allegro. They also managed to fill it with shagpile carpet, half a walnut tree, and leather seats. It was quite the Hyacinth Bucket Mobile of its time, and its a rare treat to see a fine specimen out in the wild.

(Photo not taken by permission, but blatantly snapped in the middle of the pavement. No offence intended, your statutory rights are not affected)


3 Responses to “The things you see”

  1. Geoff! Says:

    Now, that’s a smashing car! Damn sight better than any of those dreadful German types being poorly driven about… 🙂 No offence intended 🙂

  2. gwyneth Says:

    Only you could find one of these @ the end of your road!!!! We use to have a lovely mustard coloured one may years ago!!!!!!:0

  3. roger Says:

    finger out of butt please Norwin. You write well please continue!

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