I like cars.

And unlike some of my friends, I especially like big cars. It’s probably my inner megalomaniac.

But I was a bit surprised the other night when a local garage revealed that in the month of January, they only sold one car bigger than a Ford Fiesta. I hope sensible sized cars (that bikes can be thrown into the back of) aren’t going out of fashion.


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  1. khaos Says:

    Don’t get worried just yet. You’ll probably find is has something to do with January being a terrible month to sell anything (remember Christmas) and that the UK is going through a terrible recession. I even see people starting to write about depression.

    Maybe you should be worried 🙂

  2. Phil Says:

    So in Star Wars comparison what craft would a Fiesta be? TIE Fighter?

  3. Norwin Says:

    It could be a Tie Fighter, but my instinct would be to say X-Wing.
    Not sure why.

  4. Alan in Belfast Says:

    So I’m thinking you need a small car and a trailer!

  5. Niall Says:

    Maybe something from might be useful …?

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