What a weekend

I had a busy weekend. Here’s a few thoughts.

  • I had too much chocolate cake on Friday night. It was a comedy-sized slice (more of a hunk of cake really), and I should have just had some of it and left the rest. But I couldn’t resist it, and ended up eating all of it and feeling slightly dreadful. Don’t want to see chocolate cake for a while.
  • At Saturday night’s murder mystery evening, I played the part of Dr Sigmund Fraud, controversial Viennese psychologist. It was good fun, and I managed to correctly identify the murderer (it wasn’t me). But there was a gorgeous dark chocolate mousse, and I had to eat someone else’s, as it was too rich for them. Two rich dark chocolate mousses was quite an achievement. But it was way too much, and I don’t want to see any kind of chocolate for a while.
  • Up early on Sunday morning to shave off my beard, which was traumatic, but entirely the right thing to do for my sister’s wedding, since she hates it so much. Face is now bald, and a bit sensitive. I’m constantly aware of my skin being a bit irritated around my chin, and get very distracted by my reflection, since it looks wrong.
  • Surprised myself by having a couple of chocolate brownies after church on Sunday. I clearly have no self-control whatsoever, and got over my anti-chocolate feelings remarkably quickly. Am now worried about chocolate poisoning.
  • Was slightly taken aback by a couple of non-reactions to my beardless face, as friends tried to work out what was different about me, but weren’t quite about to work it out. The moral of the story – although it’s a big deal to me, no-one else is even looking at my face to know if I have a beard or not.


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