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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

When you look in travel brochures, you will sometimes see that a hotel advertises that they have a hairdressers on-site. It’s not something I’ve ever thought about much. I mean, it’s hardly going to be a major influence on your choice of hotel. What kind of person gets a haircut on holiday?

Well, it turns out, people like me. My hair was a bit long before I went on holiday, but I didn’t get round to getting it cut. And then it annoyed me a bit on holiday, especially when I was wearing a bicycle helmet. So I decided to get a haircut. And it worked out just fine – I think it’s a perfectly good haircut. But I am aware from conversations with friends that they are very loyal to their hairdressers¬†(or barbers, of course). I don’t really do this, and even at home I tend to change where I get my hair cut every so often, just because it’s more convenient.

So is this attitude breaking all the rules of polite society? Am I courting terrible retribution for my crimes? Or an I just a (mostly) harmless eccentric?

Wow. First the blog entry on shower curtains, and now haircuts. Something’s gone badly wrong round here…