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Thursday, February 19th, 2009

I got a history book for Christmas. I hated learning history at school, and dropped it as soon as possible (3rd year). But like so many things, once I was no longer forced to endure it, I now actually rather enjoy it (unlike rugby, which I still hate).

Anyway, so I’ve been reading a book of history. The other night I reached the reign of King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark, famous nowadays for having the radio technology that we use mainly for mobile phone hands-free kits named after him.

So what did to do to deserve this honour, since he clearly didn’t invent it, being dead for about a thousand years? Bluetooth was named after him because he is remembered as the man who unified Norway, Sweden and Denmark as a single kingdom, as bluetooth is intended to unite diverse devices in a happy wireless network. But what I hadn’t realised that one of the ways in which he united them was under a Christian faith, having been converted to Christianity himself. I’ve always been very fond of my bluetooth headsets (I’ve had a few of them over the years), but now that I know that they are intended to spread Christianity, I’m even more impressed. I have no idea yet how they achieve this, but I’m sure it’ll become clear sooner or later.